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Harvest rain water - without the financial stress!

Many cities are starting to offer generous rebates. San Diego city and County are offering  rebates, making some larger scale residential rainwater harvesting systems qualify for a $700.00 rebate.


Every house should be equipped with rain barrels and cisterns. Every home could be viewed as its own little ecosystem; you calculate the amount of rainwater that the roof yields and you plan and design your landscape around that. With these exceptional rebate offers that these cities have put into place, it takes the financial burden off you, and lets you start harvesting!

Save additional money on harvesting

San Diego County offers $75.00 per barrel up to four barrels and the city offers $1.00 per gallon up to four hundred gallons. That means you can call me right now and get an ALMOST FREE Bushman 205 gallon rain barrel.

Rain water systems


We have easy financing options in the case where a rainwater harvesting systems ends up costing you money. Minimum requirements, zero interest, why wait?


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Rainwater harvesting

doesn't have to break the bank